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It's summer and it means it's wedding season! Notiono has great range of products for the wedding season. I chose few great products that will be great for the groom for the big day!

I chose Dior Homme for the perfume which is the definition of class and elegance.For styling Babyliss trimmer is a great choice which you can get great results of restyling your hair and your beard too! Don't forget to add  natural wood comb & American Crew fiber to your styling session. To prevent the excess sweating in the wedding day Vichy Homme is perfect for that reason, which keeps you dry up to 72 hours! Grooms skin should be flawless too. Black Head Pore Strip is a great solution to look amazing for the important day. 


If you are going to a wedding as a guest and want to treat the bride & groom to a special something, have a look at selection of wedding gifts on Notino. A great perfume, a luxury candle or a gift set is sure to make them happy. You can shop all this amazing products from Notino's wedding page, which offers great deals! 

Dior Homme

There are a few milestones in perfume history, that really changed the way of the whole industry and the way consumers understood what male perfumery is all about. Dior Homme is one of them.

Originally released back in 2005 and getting a slight reformulation in 2011, Dior Homme is one of the all time best sellers, something that didn't just happened by chance or just because of a strong marketing campaign. It is not only the way this perfume was presented or advertised, it was a perfect combination of a brand new revolutionary way of how male perfumes may smell like, while sharply representing the philosophy of the Dior Homme line. 

I remember the first time I smelled Dior Homme and how I instantly fell in love with it. Traditionally, female perfumes smell a lot like flowers while male perfumes smell a bit like a barber shop: I am not really sure if this is just the way perfume industry and social belief defined how it should be or it is based to something more primitive and animalistic, like hormones and subconscious sexual attraction. Dior Homme came to mix this up. 

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