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Thoughts on Turning 30

I remember on my 10th birthday, it felt like such a huge deal! From single digits to double digits, watch out world! Turning 13 meant becoming an official teenager and feeling a little more grown-up. 17 meant getting the opportunity to drive. 18…well, hello there alcohol! When taking trips, I could finally buy my own car at 27. Okay, not as exciting, but a milestone nonetheless! This year, it’s my 30th birthday and it happens to fall on the year of Covid-19!

Unfortunately my birthday falls on this this crazy pandemic but I feel so lucky to share my birthday with my friends.

Entering this new decade can bring a mix of emotions. It has me feeling thankful and as I’ve gotten older, I’ve learned that every birthday (and new smile line) is a gift. There were and always be mistakes, accomplishments and new discoveries in your 20s. So here are the 10 things I have learned by my 30th birthday!

1. Spend money on the experiences If there’s one thing you are going to value in life more than anything or any object, it’s going to be the memories you make with the people you love. Spending money on experiences could be something you do on your own or with family and friends and either way, it’s a gift to be able to make memories with the one(s) you love!

2. Step outside your comfort zone

So much growth happens in this zone and it’s a scary one to step into! When I feel scared about a new venture, I have to remind myself of the lessons I gained from the time I felt most uncomfortable (at first) and that was living overseas. 3. Call your parents They just want to know that you are okay. As your life grows and changes, theirs does too as they navigate life without you in the home. Don’t take their presence for granted.

4. You don’t have to go to university to be successful There are many successful entrepreneurs who did not go to uiversityn. Turns out, I never needed to although I’m glad I did. But, I never considered the option of not going because I always thought that was the natural progression.

5. Comparison is the thief of all joy Don’t do it! I know, easier said than done but be aware of what you are consuming online and how it affects your thoughts. 6. Invest the rest

If only I had saved earlier and better because you can’t get that time back! Time is a very valuable resource when saving money.

7. Invest the rest If only I had saved earlier and better because you can’t get that time back! Time is a very valuable resource when saving money.

8. Travel Some of the best lessons, memories, and experiences have come from far away places. Traveling teaches you so much about the world outside of your backyard and gives you a new perspective of your own culture.

9. Wherever you are, be all there Put down your phone. When I build my Instagram stories from a trip, everything comes from my camera roll. It’s never in real-time which is why struggled using snapchat, when everything was captured and shared at the moment. Be mindful of scrolling too. Time will slip away.

10. Be intentional Time with friends will not be as easy as it was in high school. It’s important to be intentional and set time aside together because time will get away from you.