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Invest In Quality NOT Quantity, Best Summer Outfit Every Gentleman Should Master

Gucci summer style for men

There’s an ad for a shirt company right now that asks “Can a shirt really be worth £35?” It’s remarkably out of date. It’s possible now to spend twice that, even three figures, on a shirt – and that’s one without a huge logo or flashy graphic.

It wasn’t that long ago, of course, that even the most dedicated clothes horse bought, say, in packs of three. When they lost their shape or discoloured, no matter, just buy another pack. That doesn’t seem so smart now. Increased awareness of sustainability that – for some at least – has underscored the idea that treating any clothing as disposable is ethically dubious: a whopping 87% of all disposed textiles end up incinerated or in landfill, and it’s only fast fashion, high-street pricing that allows a garment to even be seen as disposable. Remarkably, in the UK we spend £2.7bn a year on garments that are worn once before being discarded.

Yet arguably there’s a growing awareness of the idea of investment shopping: that paying more for a product because it will last longer and wear better makes sense, especially when it’s the kind of product you reach for time and time again. Traditionally this approach has been more comfortably the remit of menswear – because menswear has been slower to embrace seasonal trends.

Summer dressing on the other hand, can present more of a challenge. The rising mercury brings with it many great things – barbecues, beer gardens and bronzed skin to name a few – but it also means that wardrobe options diminish significantly.

Staying cool is concern number one, but looking good is a close second. Thankfully there are a few tried-and-tested warm-weather outfits that manage to tick both boxes. Master these go-to, seasonal getups and you need never fall into a summer style rut again

A gentlemen should have a very good quality linen shirt that goes with everything smart/casual look.

A signature GG trousers is a must have for your wardrobe. I chose Gucci. I can style it smart/casual. It goes perfect with linen white shirts which makes your bronze tan to stand out more! It's a signature piece so it never goes out of fashion and I can have it in my wardrobe for many years.

It is a perfect hot summer day outfit, if only the temperature stays below 35 degrees. Today I am wearing it in Karmi, Cyprus while exploring this amazing little village.