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Exclusive Interview with Fratelli Borgioli



“A true gentleman of modern times embodies integrity and honour while taking great effort to respect the people around him as well as himself.” This is how blogger and fashion influencer Ekin Dagli defines himself.

Through his socials, he tells his story and takes his followers with him around the world.

Originally from Cyprus, he loves to travel and inspires his followers to “visit places that they haven’t been before, to taste something different or wear something that they never had the courage to wear.”

We interviewed him and asked a few questions about his life and fashion. Were you intrigued? Then read on!QUESTIONS FOR EKIN DAGLI

  1. Tell us a bit about yourself, who you are and what you do in life.

  2. How did your career start?

  3. What is your typical day?

  4. How has the Corona Virus affected your work? Has it changed it?