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Covid-19 Lockdown Wardrobe

There are positives to working from home: you no longer have to spend on petrol, drive everyday, nor do you have to (in my case) wander dazed around the food court of Bullring Shopping Center, wondering which debased, overpriced version of which world cuisine you are going to ingest for lunch every day. The downside, of course, is that life soon begins to lack much sense of occasion. With no outings to prepare for, no real public-facing persona to maintain, no professional uniform to consider, one is thrown back upon the vertiginous void of oneself, and forced to ask: what is the nature of this creature, anyway?

So, here is my solution to this particular problem: have fun with your clothes. Let’s face it, unless you’re working on a novel or symphony (great time to start, by the way), getting dressed in the morning is likely to be the most creative thing you do all day during this most indoors-y of periods. Plus, don’t you have some perhaps ill-advised purchases lurking in the back of your wardrobe that you’ve never quite dared to wear in the real world, but would like to? By following this school of thought, I have developed – in seven short days – a new look for myself that not only makes me feel much more like I’m having a good time, but also, let’s face it, reflects in its madness the madness of the world outside.

A shaggy fleece is perfect for sitting at home: it is cosy, comfortable, and makes it very tempting for your flatmates/partners to forgive you and give you a hug, even though they probably shouldn’t at the moment.