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2020 Summer - Cyprus

Cyprus Nicosia

Finally after a while I had a chance to visit my hometown Nicosia, Cyprus. Covid-19 made everyone to understand the value of everything much more and to take care of your loved ones. First thing first I had Turkish coffee with my grandparents. In Cyprus the weather is always around 40 degrees so I try to choose the most breezy loose clothes. Even in the shade you get to sweat.

Because of the lockdown I couldn't do much shopping so I mixed and match some clothes that I already have. Being stylish is not always buying new clothes. It's always about knowing your body type and what makes you to feel more comfortable. Even though if you purchase the most stylish pieces it doesn't means that you will look great. It's all about having that aura. That makes you feel the power and confidence. I like the look of Mediterranean style. Because Mediterranean people always looking effortlessly great. Clothes that can help you look better than you are and more confident. It’s about confidence. To be confident in yourself. When you are confident wearing certain kinds of clothes, you are more confident about your ideas and have more courage to say your ideas and your opinions. Which are not necessarily fashion opinions, they can be opinions in many different ways.

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