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10 Days in Athens


Athens is protected by hills, and even within the city there are about 12 hills offering scenic views of the surroundings. When the capital of Greece was moved to Athens from Nafplio, city planners were hired to construct a new city next to the ancient ruins and the result is an attractive metropolis dappled with public buildings, large city squares, green spaces and grand neoclassical homes.

But there are no skyscrapers in Athens, they have a law banning high buildings. Acropolis should be the highest structure in Athens and since Greece is prone to earthquakes, this law will also prevent further destruction in the city.

Athens is massive, but don’t fret as it is quite easy to get around here, and most of the top tourist attractions included in this Athens itinerary are concentrated in a small area within the city center.

I am going to spend 10 days with my best friend and her fiancé, they will take me to some of the best restaurants in Athens. After going to Athens a few years ago for just 4 days, I really need to prepare myself for all the food!

... I will update during/after my trip...

So, I'm back again...

My wonderful friends Nihal and Illias live in a leafy, chilled out, coastal suburb in southern Athens called Glyfada. The area stretches from the foot of the Hymettus mountain to the Saronic Gulf. It is the largest of Athens' southern suburbs. Illias's place is located just a few minutes walk from the metro so it was pretty easy to get anywhere we wanted.