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"You have to reinvent to stay fresh, to stay in the game"

Much has been written about the benefits of a minimalist lifestyle, and the reduced mental stress its simplicity can bring. Living only with possessions that see frequent use is a spectacular way to prevent unused clutter from accumulating in rarely-visited corners of unnecessarily large homes, thus preventing it from spreading like a horrific plague and devouring the house completely.

My obsession for simple and minimal clothing will never ever die, even though the fashion industry is trying us consumers to love fun and colourful prints (a la 80's style) as of the moment. I'm a huge fan of both trends, but my love for simple yet tastefully constructed clothing is just beyond imagination. You'll never have a hard time mixing and matching clothes coz you'll always look good and well-put-together, plus people will always depict you as this sophisticated human being coz you embody that serious intelligent vibe every time you're in your simplest look. So I created this style with a grey jumpsuit and finished it with a Burberry scarf.

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