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Welcome to Crete! The largest island in Greece (and the 5th in the Mediterranean) has enormous charms… Beaches of turquoise water, mountains, wine, olive oil, feta cheese, greek yogurt, grilled octopus … Believe me, it’s going to be hard to get out of here. Oh, and I forgot to say, they are the nicest people in Greece!The island of Crete has a long, long history. It was once home to the ancient Minoan civilization, which predates the Greek civilization and was once one of the most influential in the region.

Crete holds a special place in my heart because that report and the fact that the capital of Knossos has some impressive ruins. More than ancient ruins, though, Crete has beautiful beaches, excellent hiking, quaint little historic towns, delicious food and wine, and friendly, welcoming locals. I love the island and it’s size ensures you can visit and find little places to escape the crowds of tourists.

Average cost of food. Sit down restaurants with drink will cost about 20 EUR for a nice dinner, even in the tourist area. A meal at a very luxurious restaurant will begin at 30 EUR. If you really want to eat cheap, eat gyros (like kebabs). A Gyro is around 3 EUR and will easily fill you up. If you cook your meals, expect to pay 35-45 EUR per week for groceries that will include pasta, vegetables, chicken, and other basic foods.

We stayed at Villa Kontis, This rural stone farmhouse rests in the tranquil foothills of the White Mountains in Maza, Crete. Lovingly renovated in traditional Cretan style.t’s only a few minutes’ walk down to the quaint village square in Maza with sleepy lanes and local tavernas. Receive a warm welcome and some fresh orange juice if you’re lucky. As Greece’s largest island, Crete is a mixed bags of delights for everyone to enjoy so I’d advise you to go explore!

Places To Visit


Heraklion is Crete's biggest city (among Chania, Rethimno, Agios Nikolaos, Sitia, Ierapetra), whose emblem is the Venetian fortress of Koules and it harmoniously combines a multilingual past as Byzantine churches standing next to the Venetian mansions and Turkish fountains and a thriving present with many restaurants, coffee shops and bars that cater to every taste. You must have to go "Peskesi" it is the best food in Crete.


The region is dominated by the huge mountains and the famous natural park. The city itself is very picturesque and has all the services and activities that a tourist seeks. The architecture makes us travel a little to the mansions of Venice, which gives it a charismatic air. The city is also a paradise for gastronomy and wine lovers. Many wine cellars can also be visited. Eating and drinking is pure pleasure in Chania. Traditional restaurants like ‘The Well of the Turk’, Semiramis, Mesogiako, or Portes serve excellent Greek and Turkish cuisine (the former). Salis is a great option for seafood as well as Glossitses. Bars line the old harbour but you might want to stop at the Sinagogi Bar. In a nutshell: You will not starve in Crete!