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Knitwear is more than an essential to any perfected wardrobe. From your chain knit to your old throw on, there is always room for a new set of winter-warmers. If for this season you are stuck on what warm jumper to invest in next, take a read my definitive guide to the best mens knitted jumpers.

Turtlenecks were originally worn by pop legends such as Elvis, Steve McQueen and Robert Redford. Then, like most trends, opinions changed and turtlenecks were seen as a mildly disastrous look. In the early 2000’s especially, they became one of the worst jumper styles around. However, if you’re asking yourself ‘are turtlenecks in?’ then you’re in luck. when pulled off correctly, turtlenecks can be one of the best pieces in a man’s wardrobe. Here are some great ways for men in turtlenecks to look good.

Turtleneck Fashion – Casual Outfit

When it comes to rollnecks, the heavier knitwear jumpers are often the most casual. The woollen material makes the fabric stretchier than a more conventional cotton based pullover. This means that it will stretch slightly and give a nice baggy feel to your style. Staying casual during the winter months is a great way to stay warm without worrying too much. Team your warm jumper with a pair of black jeans to dress your look down. Finish it off with a pair of dark trainers to create an outfit that is simple,

slick and comfortable.

Men’s Turtleneck Sweater Formal Outfit

The joy of wearing a turtleneck, other than keeping your neck warm, is that it’s extremely versatile. Whereas it can look great in a casual outfit, they are also perfect for a more formal style. Historically this style of jumper has become a controversial alternative to a shirt and tie. Although rollneck jumpers aren’t necessarily formal jumpers they still retain a professional vibe. Although this isn’t the most formal outfit you could ever wear, it is still an ex