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Art gallery? Brunch? Coffee with the friends? Cinema? It’s tricky to know where to pitch a weekend look when you’re trying to cram a million different plans into 48 hours. Trying to look on-trend, intellectual and coffee shop appropriate all at the same time is a tall order, particularly when all you really want to do is just put on a smart casual shirt that goes with every occasion.

This Sunday I am visiting my sister in Birmingham. But first I wanted to have a quick coffee. I chose a classic Louis Vuitton Keepall bag for this occasion. Because I have to carry it with me everywhere until I meet up with her. So, this bag goes with every occasion, it is a classic, stylish and easy to carry. I wanted to have a casual but at the same time a smart look which will keep me going throughout the day. I chose to wear one of my Zara shirts with white trousers, I know it is the winter season but sometimes we shouldn't move with the weather. We should wear what we want to wear. Luckily it was a sunny day so I didn't feel the cold that much.