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Ekin Dagli Roja Parfum

Founded by Roja Dove, Roja Parfums have become a byword for exotic, luxury perfumes. Drawing on aoud, the famed fragrance of the Middle East this gift box of three 30ml bottles, each adorned with Swarovski crystal caps, presents three different takes on it: Amber Aoud, Aoud and Musk Aoud .

Aoud Parfum (30 ml)
Sensual, exotic and mysterious - these are the attributes that you would ascribe to an excellently made oud fragrance and that’s exactly what Roja Dove’s Aoud deserves: Sumptuous, exuberant and opulent, an oriental that really deserves its name. A delicious oud with liqueur-like gourmand notes, rich, colorful, diverse and radiant.

Musk Aoud (30 ml)
Mysterious and very sensual - these are the attributes that Roja Dove ascribes to his Musk Aoud and he certainly keeps his promise: Musk Aoud oscillates between its two opposite poles - and precisely this ambivalence creates its charm and allure.

Amber Oud (30 ml)
Ambergris and oud - what a wonderful duo that Roja Dove offers us here! Smoky and spicy, the woody accentuated oud encounters the warmth of precious ambergris. Illuminated by Hesperides, kissed by saffron and accentuated by flirty, sweet-spicy cinnamon.

Roja Aoud Parfum De Voyage

Parfum & Packaging – The Quintessence of Luxury

To emphasize the luxury and quality of his products, Roja Dove attaches great importance to the quality and sophistication of the packaging of his precious Roja Parfums. Roja chooses each element of the packaging personally and thereby combines infinite simplicity with infinite preciousness - to create exactly what luxury should be: true Workmanship.

To create the hand-finished flacons requires considerable skill: Each flacon is as unique as the fragrance contained within. It is made in France and the decoration of pure gold is applied in a lengthy process by hand in England.

Roja Parfum Ekin Dagli
Ekin Dagli Roja Parfum
Aoud Parfum De Voyage

For the preparation of the closure - the leitmotif of the Roja Parfums brand, gold particles are forged in metal to create a highly reflective surface on which the brand name is printed. The closure is complemented with fourteen Swarovski crystals which are applied by hand in a five-day process. The front of each flacon is adorned with a gold label that is made in England and applied by hand. Each of these precious flacons is embedded in an equally elegant presentation box which is made by hand in England by award-winning craft artists using pro high-quality paper, some of which are made exclusively for Roja Parfums.

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