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Ekin Dagli
Ekin Dagli

A huge thank you to 2Eros for sending me a whole summer collection!

Now it's time to go on a holiday! 


Eros, the Greek God of lust and love, symbolically represents sex, male virility and passion. As a result, 'To Eros' means 'to the God of Love', swimwear apparel designed for men like yourself (the God of love) who's looking for sexy and luxury designs when striping down to your swimwear or underwear.

Ekin Dagli



We’re all different with different types of bodies so finding the right swimwear for your body type can be quite a daunting task. Are those prints making you look wider than you are? Maybe your legs are lost in giant, oversized shorts that make you look short and stumpy, an epidemic that affects 1 in 5 men.


“…epidemic that affects 1 in 5 men”

The modern man changes his swimwear every season. This isn’t just a style thing, the salt in the ocean and chemicals in pools takes it toll on the your swimmers. The average modern man only have 2 to 3 swimmers per season, so it’s worth finding the right ones. Luckily, we’re here to help you find the perfect swimmers for you.


Ekin Dagli

Tall Guys

The only times when long board shorts that go all the way down to your ankles are acceptable are if you are 16 years old or if you are an avid surfer. The most common mistake tall guys make is thinking that wearing long shorts makes us look proportional, this is true, but we must understand what is considered ‘long’. You shouldn’t go any lower than the knee.

Short Guys

Lets face it, not all of us are 6 feet tall but that doesn’t mean we can’t confidently rock our favourite swimmers. The biggest problem short guys are shorter legs. Avoid shorts that hide your legs.

Big Guys

The most important thing for big guys is to focus on comfort and confidence. Elasticated waistbands and stretchy fabrics are the best option as they offer the flexibility and ease of movement as needed.

Also Opt for solid dark colours or dark prints; this will streamline your silhouette as well as adding that extra sophistication. To help create a visual balance, go for shorts that are cut above the knee.

Slim Guys

The biggest problem for slim guys is not being able to fill out your favourite swimmers and excess fabric, making it look like you bought the wrong size. The solution is simple, go for form fitted swimmers.

Bonus Tip: Go for thicker fabrics such as nylon when choosing swimwear to give you that little extra girth.

So now you have all the tools and knowledge you need to find the right swimmers for you, just remember to make sure you are comfortable and confident in whatever you're rocking.

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