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I am reviewing the most simple, stylish and affordable toothbrush Ordo. It is created to replace/eliminate another inconvenient and expensive process of buying oral care products (electric toothbrushes cost a fortune and aren't great to look at and replacement heads are a fortune!) with a simple and beautiful solution with an exquisitely crafted and designed sonic pulse electric toothbrush with replacement heads, toothpaste and batteries delivered to your door every two months. Problem solving at its finest. Simple! No more ugly brushes, bulky chargers and manky brush heads. Something we all do for two minutes, twice a day every day can finally be enjoyable and cool, and actually improve our teeth! 

This toothbrush designed very well that will suit to anyone with 3 different colours, you should be proud to display it in your bathroom. 



The best thing about the Ordo toothbrush is its portability. Being battery-operated means there are no messy cables or charging ports. It’s 100% transportable making it super handy if you’re on the go at the gym, at work, on holiday or on a business trip.

Ordo offers  a lifetime guarantee to their products whilst your subscribed, so don’t worry you have all covered. 

This amazing starter pack comes with;

- Aluminium electric brush

- Travel cap

- 80ml toothpaste (2-month supply)

- 25ml travel toothpaste (2-week supply)

- Portable silicon stand

- AAA battery

Ordo will make you smile more beautiful and teeth cleaner which is exactly you should have Ordo ;)

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