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I would like to introduce you to four game changing hero products with hard working formulas that address multiple skincare concerns, helping you to achieve healthy beautiful skin.

All of them feature hydrators, antioxidants and  anti-inflammatories to hydrate, soothe and smooth the skin. They've all included on product from each of Murad's key ranges; Blemish, Hydration, Resurgence and Environmental Shield.

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InvisiScar Resurfacinf Treatment

Blemish scarring is completely normal but can impact self-confidence. InvisiScar Resurfacing Treatment improves the appearance of pigmentation and uneven texture left behind by blemishes through a blend of potent antioxidants, while Salicylic Acid prevents new breakouts from forming.The velvety smooth formula fills pitted scars and the Blurring Powder reduces the appearance of uneven texture. It even works as a great base for makeup and can be used both day and or night.

City Skin Age Defense SP F50

UVA rays (the skin ageing rays) are the same strength all year round and able to penetrate cloud and windows therefore it's important to shield your skin against damage such as pigmentation, dullness, fine lines and wrinkles even when indoors or on a cloudy day. Protecting skin with Dr Murad,s city Skin gives maximum protection. It's a fragrance free 100% mineral formula that absorbs quickly, leaves no ashy residue and illuminates the skin while correcting uneven skin tone.

Retinol Youth Renewal Eye Serum

Incorporate Retinol, the gold standard of anti-ageing ingredients, into your routine with Dr Murad's Retinol Eye Serum Technology and Marine Kelp Complex, this hydrating serum is clinically proven to improve the look of wrinkles, reduce puffiness and brighten. It's even safe for sensitive skin types with 360 degrees application, meaning you can use it across the delicate eyelid area too.

Hydro Dynamic Ultimate Moisture

Give skin the ability to retain 24 hour hydration with Hydro-Dynamic Ultimate Moisture thanks to advanced Hyaluronic Acid Technology and Coconut Extract. The lightweight blend of ingredients including she Butter, Avocado, Sunflower & Olive Fruit Oils will leave skin feling luxuriously soft and supple. 

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