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A huge thank you to Modus Vivendi for sending me this amazing collection!

Now it's time to try them on! 


From the Latin, modus vivendi translates as lifestyle or way of life.

Our name reflects our design and manufacturing approach to everything we make; it is not just a product or just a brand, it reflects a lifestyle. And our lifestyle is simple as that: We do it because we love it.


Jocks & Jockstraps

When we think of jockstraps, we think of athletes and performance enhancing equipment. But Modus Vivendi brings that into life with a luxury concept with Greek Lux Jockstrap. A divine combination of luxury materials and ancient Greek elements create a fashion painting of a vibrant admiration. The Modus Vivendi Meander Jockstrap is available in black and royal blue and has the Original Modus Vivendi Meander design on the waistband. The meander (Greek key design) pattern on the extra brilliant gold or silver waistband  perfectly combines with the soft velvet micromodal elastane fabric and makes a luxury Jock. Adding the final lux detail of the metal shiny tag with the Modus Vivendi logo on it ; this 
elevated jockstrap is here to upgrade your collection.

So now you have all the tools and knowledge you need to find the right underwear for you, just remember to make sure you are comfortable and confident in whatever you're rocking.



The great thing about us is that each of us has a uniquely different body and so each of us have different needs when it comes to comfort. This may seem like a daunting dilemma but we're here to help! In this article we will detail each type of underwear from briefs to jockstraps to help you choose the best fit for you.


A Brief Distraction

If you perfer to show a little more skin but at the same time staying classy. We recommend a traditional low-rise brief such as the X Lux Brief.  They offer exactly what you need from an underwear. Support in the front and back while slightly lifting and shaping everything into place without feeling restrictive. Celebrate your need for a luxury piece of underwear by wearing the X-Lux line. The Modus Vivendi X-Lux Brief is available in black and grey, has the classic Modus Vivendi logo on the waistband which is extra brilliant and available in red or silver. Made of soft velvet micromodal elastane fabric this brief is ultra luxury. The rich Fabric the shiny waistband and the perfect fit makes this elevated brief the pride of your collection.


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