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Absolute Correction Wrinkle Cream [Pores + Shine]

This perfecting care smoothes wrinkles & imperfections to recreate ideal skin quality.

- Wrinkles: A Botox-like active ingredient combined with a powerful peptide boosts the synthesis of hyaluronic acid for a visible fill-in effect.

- Pores: An astringent active ingredient reduces the size of pores while limiting the appearance of imperfections for a perfectly smooth complexion.

- Shine: A sebum-regulating complex brings long-lasting skin mattness.

Free from Parabens. Suitable for Vegetarians.

A botox-like tripeptide relaxes the features of the face and a powerful potent peptide stimulates the synthesis of hyluronic acid and collagen for a visible filling effect. Wrinkles on my face are reduced (crow's feet by 25% and forehead lines by 18%.*), your face appears younger.

After 7 days of application, the size of my pores is reduced thanks to an active coming from a Greek tree. It allows to treat and limit the apparition of residual imperfections. Soft focus contained in the TIME-FILLER MAT formula mask the pores and smooth skin texture immediately.

The association of zinc pidolate and plant extracts matifies and control the shining effects. After 7days of treatment, my skin is matt and the production of sebum is reduced !

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