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Ekin Dagli Eisenberg
Eisenberg Love Affair
Eisenberg Love Affair
Eisenberg Anti-Age Complex

Today I am reviewing Love Affair Eau De Parfum For Men & Anti-Age Complex from EISENBERG gift box! 


Love Affair by Eisenberg is a superb and classy floral fragrance. I get clearly lots of flowers, mild sweet flowers, strong rose, forest fruits, jasmine, tobacco and musk. Hour after hour, it gets smother and more aromatic a superb quality fragrance. The longevity is really long lasting and the sillage heavy. This one of the most sophisticated scents I've ever tried. A superb choice for cool summer nights, autumn, spring and I dare to say at winter times. 

I think that it's a unisex fragrance but still a very safe quality masculine floral choice for the modern men. It has more masculine orientation than woman's. I always were searching for a floral men's scent and after many many years, here it is. It reminds me a fragrance, which my mother used to wear many years ago but I can't figure out which one. She always had expensive fine aromas, woman's and unisex aromas, it was one hers passions.

I use it in the mornings before work and lasts all day long! wearing it, reminds me wonderful summer days in a forest full of nice smells. Everyone at work started to ask what's my perfume. Because usually we go out after work and Love Affair is a great choice if you have plans after work. This perfume is a must have! 

Anti-Age Complex is an exceptional formula to combat the signs of ageing. This ultra-light cream is enriched with anti-wrinkle, age-defying and moisturising active ingredients. Every night and morning after I wash my face with a facial cleanser I apply this amazing cream, It deeply revitalised, my skin is firmed and invigorated all day !  


I even advised it to my best friend and he told me his skin just looks perfect  and balanced in 3 days. I  love EISENBERG

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