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Throughout the years, I’ve tried plenty of different powders in an attempt to find the perfect one. Chanel claim the powder gives a natural sheer matt finish and disguises imperfections and I think it does what exactly it says. Dust it on after foundation and it sets your makeup with a polished, luminous look. It also works beautifully on bare skin, since the featherweight texture doesn't sink into creases or fine lines like a heavier powder, and it lightly balances uneven tones. The Chanel Loose Powder just prevents shine and evens out the complexion a little bit without adding a powdery finish or altering the colour of your foundation.

The length of time the Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder stays put for is the other big plus point, you don't need touch at all. Amazing! I think it’s actually pretty good value for money as you get a huge tub with 30g of product which is probably going to last for years. I honestly can’t rave about this enough, so far I haven’t found a single bad point about it. If you’re looking for a powder which does everything you need a powder to do, then I would definitely recommend trying Chanel.


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