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Andrée Jardin

Autumn Clean

Thought you could get away with one big clean a year? I'm afraid not. Autumn cleaning is the new Spring cleaning, and with Winter and Christmas following shortly after, it makes perfect sense.

As temperatures begin to drop, we are much less inclined to spend time outdoors. Instead, days spent cooking homely meals, playing games or watching TV by the fire become much more appealing.


Just as with your annual Spring Clean, Autumn cleaning is about going back to basics. It involves a lot of deep cleaning, and is an opportunity to turn your attention to tasks that don't get done frequently.

Vets in Birmingham

For this year's Autumn cleaning I chose Andrée Jardin.

Ostrich Feather Duster is the perfect sophisticated way to get rid of the cobwebs. You can even place it as a decoration in your living room. 

The dustpan and brush comes in a variety of colours so you can choose the best one for yourself. The other cool thing is the Washing Up Brush! This cleaning set can be the perfect gift for anyone who loves cleaning and wants something a bit more elevated.


Today I am doing my Autumn cleaning with my new puppy! The dustpan, and especially the brush are very useful to clean the mess that he creates.  

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