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In Sicily crossroads of art and culture the natural scent of almond is part of the island's traditions and cuisine.Its caressing sweetness pervades this fragrance in a sensory and sentimental journey to one of the most enchanting corners of the Mediterranean.


The island of Sicily is sometimes referred to as “God’s Kitchen” because of the many different foods and wines produced in the area. Sicily is known for, amongst other things, olives, citrus fruits, cannoli, and almonds – and Acqua di Parma pays homage to this last food with their fragrance Mandorlo di Sicilia (literally Almond of Sicily). 

Mandorlo Di Sicilia is a fragrance that I reach for any time of the year. It’s not just perfect for the cooler months, but wearing it in summer brings out more of the almond, and it reminds me of marzipan... except this scent isn’t full of calories! :)

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