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About Ekin

A true gentleman of modern times embodies integrity and honour while taking great effort to respect the people around him as well as himself. Emerging from an interest in fashion, transition to a fascination with art and the world’s diverse cultural environment, a focus on well being and the appreciation of fine dining, he never misses the opportunity to travel in search of new cultural encounters. The platform aims to trigger readers to take a step forward and risk, experience, enjoy.

The platform hopes to inspire viewers to visit places that they haven’t been before, to taste something different or wear something that they never had the courage to wear.

I am a Birmingham based men's fashion blogger. Please feel free to contact me through any of my social media pages. I love hearing what you all think, and about any ideas you may have. If you'd like to work on a project or collab on something, please email me. I'd be more than happy to discuss it!

If you are from a brand and would like to submit your product for review, or would like to work on a campaign, drop me an email. Download Media Pack


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Best dressed man Ekin Dagli
mens casual style
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