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Ekin Dagli Asosman

Ah spring how we have missed you! We may have escaped a harsh winter but it’s been too darn wet so we can’t wait to hang up our on-trend hiking boots and slip into some sandals… well maybe after Easter… 

So, now’s the time to get our wardrobe’s warm weather ready. One of this season’s key trends is for neutral and pastel shades so first things first, see what’s already in your wardrobe and work round it! Before you shop always have a game plan – remember what you’ve already got and what you’ve not – it’s important so you don’t duplicate. New season shopping is all about integrating not replacing!

Remember shopping for the season is not necessarily the same as trend shopping so feel free to mix things up a little whilst nodding at what the snap happy fashionista’s online are up to. Rather than follow a trend try following a vibe and add a certain sensibility to your look without hopping on a trend. This could be eighties gloss, vintage style or sports luxe chic for example. Choose your vibe and then integrate the trends that work within it. 

“Linen is my friend right now. It’s a wardrobe classic so not trendy, trendy and being light and breathable, it’s an excellent choice for warmer climes. Team it with another neutral and you’ve got your trend-based look without being try hard – it’s adaptable too so the go to choice that will take you from daywear to a casual dinner with effortless style.” 


Here’s my three key tips for easy Spring/Summer style


Set the Tone

Creating a fashionable statement doesn’t always require a bold dose of colour. Don’t believe me? Just look to Florence for proof. The gents in town for Pitti Uomo created some seriously striking outfits by keeping things neutral. Decked out from head to toe in the creams, beiges and caramels, these gents appeared anything from boring. Imagine a paint chart, choose tones that sit together without being the same to create some much-needed contrast – like I did with these shorts and t-shirt from Asos.

Go Round 

Clear out your sunnies and start again. While the round sunglasses trend may have started with the ladies, it’s now the gents’ turn to rock the look. Sharp, stylish and seriously round, these sunglasses are more about making a style statement than shielding your eyes from the sun. They’re a great way to make your look fashion forward. I found these vintage Giorgio Armani 90’s glasses online and they make a unique style statement. When sunglasses shopping always take a friend for that all important second opinion! 


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